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This is a parent-child class, where toddlers will develop body awareness, balance, coordination and motor skills. You & Me gives the opportunity to explore the world of gymnastics and learn about all the different equipment in a fun and safe environment. You and your child will be introduced to the basic gymnastics skills including, jumps, positions and rolls. This class has a more exploratory style that allows each child to go at their own pace, while encouraging listening and social skills. An adult is required to participate with a child at all times to ensure safety.


Each class will start with a warm-up song that will not only get the child moving but also it will help your little superstar develop the all-important skills of listening and following directions.  After a brief time of stretching, the class will engage in a fun activity geared towards developing motor skills.  Ribbons, scarves, sticks, hula hoops and more; each week will be different from the previous one.



From there the class will begin to work on their balance and strength as they learn basic gymnastics skills via an obstacle course that could incorporate bars, beams, and rings, oh my! And finally, the class will wrap up with working on our jumps on one of the trampoline surfaces, as well as playing in our colorful foam pit.

*For safety reasons, child must be able to walk to join this class.


You & Me

18 mo. to 3 yrs*
45 minutes
Co-ed with caregiver
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