Girls Recreational Classes

  While every sport molds and develops children in various, positive ways, gymnastics is simply the best!  Sure, we're biased, but it is all based on our own experience in and love for the sport, together with our mission to inspire minds while building muscles with smiles and sweat. 


  Through gymnastics classes, your daughter will certainly build strength, flexibility, and learn gymnastics skills, but even more so, she will develop confidence (bodily and mentally), discipline, problem-solving skills, and mental toughness.



  In all of our classes, we value the balance of teaching gymnastics in a developmentally appropriate way and having fun while doing so.

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Entry Level
Ages: 5-6, 7-9 & 10+ years old
60-minute class

This class is suitable for everyone.  Never done gymnastics? PERFECT!  Got some moves? SHOW US!  Here, children will learn the basic movements, positions, and exercises used in all levels of gymnastics. 

The girls will warm-up and then separate to work on their respective apparatus. The classes will work on all of the Olympic events through the use of fun and challenging obstacle courses as well as our tumble track, trampoline and pit. 

Girl, Pike Position
Girl, Bridge
Intermediate Level 
Ages 5 and up
60-minute class (Invite only)

Here is the perfect place to show us what you got.  If your child is looking for a little more of a challenge and wants to grow in the sport, our intermediate classes are the place to do it.


Our gymnasts begin to learn more complex fundamentals and movements. Here, the focus is not only physical activity but also skill development and safety techniques.  Gymnasts must demonstrate strength, flexibility, and coordination to test into this level. 

Advanced Level
Ages 5 and up (Invite Only)
Super Stars: 90 minute  


Got talent!?  The Advanced Classes are a stepping-stone to the competitive teams.  The gymnasts in these classes continue to build their skill level while also learning basic routine structure and competition etiquette.  

Gymnasts must test into the advanced class, demonstrating exceptional strength, flexibility, and understanding of basic gymnastics techniques. 

Girl, Balance Beam
Advanced Level
Ages 7 and up (Invite Only)
All Stars: 2 hours


Here is the place to refine your skills in preparation for competitive teams. Think you're interested in competitive gymnastics? Our All Star Rec Team will give you the chance to get your feet wet in competitive gymnastics.


 While working on their skill development, learning basic routine structure and competition etiquette, gymnasts in this class will also work on their strength and conditioning. 


Gymnasts must test into the advanced class, demonstrating exceptional strength, flexibility, and understanding of basic gymnastics techniques.