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Parents' Night Out

What will you do with your night out?

  See a movie? Grab dinner out? Or just sit back and relax on the couch while catching up on your show on Netflix?  Whatever you choose, you cannot lose!

  So get ready for an easy, peaceful night out because not only do we have all the fun and snacks covered for your kiddos, but we've also got a safety-certified staff excited to engage in a night of games.

  So we will take care of their late-night snacking and there'll be no need to be worried about what they're doing!

  At the end of the night, your kiddos will have had fun, made new friends, and come home tired, and if everything goes according to plan on your end, you will have had the perfect, much-needed night out you deserve!

Parents night out Canton, MA, Gymnastics

Because everyone deserves a night out!

Yes, everyone deserves a night out, even the kiddos (ages 4.5-14*), and when a Parents' Night Out is happening, you can trust that your kiddo will be doing the following from 5:30-9 pm:

  • Learning gymnastics

  • Playing epic gym-wide games

  • Making friends

  • We do dinner, snacks, and drinks

  • Playing during open gym 

  • And whatever other creative and fun activity the staff brings!

Safe to say that we've got three hours of jam-packed fun and activities during a night out for the kids. 

*Child must be able to use the bathroom independently

Now the question is...


Sibling Discount With Membership

With purchase of a Gold Family Champion's Club Membership, the first kid is $32, second is $27.20, third is $19.20 and fourth and more are $11.20. That's less than you'd pay a babysitter and we've got the snacks, dinner, and fun covered!

  So, what are you waiting for?
Register for the Parents Night Out!

  To ensure you get that rate upfront, please call 781-562-0560 or stop by the front desk to register.  Otherwise, we will credit your account the discount, if you enroll through the portal.

Parents night out Canton, MA

Cancellation Policy

If your plans change and your kiddo will no longer be attending the night out, you can be refunded up to the Thursday prior to the Night Out.  After that, your payment can be applied to registration for a future night out.

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