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Family Forms & Info

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Metro South Gymnastics Academy

MSGA offers a school year (Sept. thru June) and Summer schedule (July & August) for our programming. As a family based business, we will be closed on the following holidays:

  • Labor Day Weekend

  • Halloween: No classes after 3 pm

  • Thanksgiving Break (Thanksgiving through the Sunday of that weekend)

  • December 24th – January 1st (Winter Break)

  • Mother's Day

  • Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday through Monday)

  • Father's Day

  • July 4th


Check with the front desk for special camps and gym happenings during school vacations, no school days, and early releases.

The MSGA Promise 

While we love what we do and are confident you will to! Should you be dissatisfied with your child's class, as long as you fill out the drop request form before the third class, we will refund you in full!

What To Wear at MSGA

What to wear:

Girls: Leotard or t-shirt and shorts/leggings

Boys:  T-shirt and shorts

  Please have your child come in athletic apparel, nothing too loose and socks are not needed.

Check out the leotards, shirts, hoodies and more in our Pro Shop!

Will Your Child Be Missing Class?

Let us know to receive a Makeup Token!

Makeup Tokens Policy

  1. To schedule a Makeup Class you must have Makeup Tokens in your account.

  2. You must log into the parent portal to mark your child as expected to be absent for a future class date.  This must be done prior to (or on the day of) the class to receive a Makeup Token. 

  3. You can use your Make Up Tokens at any time while actively enrolled, but we cannot book a Makeup Class further than 14 days out.

  4. To schedule a makeup class, your child must still be actively enrolled in a class; if not, then you can use your tokens for other programming opportunities.

  5. Make-Up Tokens are non-transferable to others (including siblings).

  6. If you schedule a Make-up Class with a Make-up Token, you must attend the Make-up Class or you will forever lose that particular token.

Champion's Club Membership

Upgrade your experience at MSGA!

Bronze Membership.png
Gold Membership.png
Silver Membership.png

  Upon enrollment in a class, every family is opted into our Club Level Membership, which offers you 10% off the second class for one student and also 10% off programming for Military & First Responder Families.


To access greater benefits, families can opt into one of our Champion's Club Memberships; each level offers increasing benefits and discounts that will reward your loyalty!

Please Note:

  Memberships are non-refundable and will last September through August of the following year. Benefits are still accessible if you unenroll from a class and you can purchase a membership without enrolling in a class.

  If you have more than one active student on your account, you must level up to the family level.

The Value of MembershiP

For One Child

For Families
with multiples

Looking to unenroll?

Fill out the form below in order to unenroll.

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