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  All of Metro South Gymnastics Academy's programs and activities are housed between our two facilities, the Training Center and the Recreation Gym.  Each facility is fully heated and air-conditioned and a state-of-the-art gymnastics training facility.  They were meticulously designed to maximize training capability and safety, while also maximizing FUN.  MSGA offers specialized equipment for every age and ability of our students, from the 18-month-old You and Me Student to the highest level competitive athletes on our teams.  Check out each facility below!


Recreational Gym

Opened in the Fall of 2018, our Recreational Gym offers all of the men's and women's gymnastics events, as well as multiple apparatus geared towards the development and instruction of our class students.


With a large, vibrantly colored foam pit, tumble track and trampoline, the MSGA Rec Gym is an exciting place to learn, explore, and play.  Designed with the safety of our students in mind, from the placement of each apparatus to the lobby from which everything can be seen and heard, in this gym, student's curiosity will be peaked and passion for the sport will be fueled!

While our facility is new and state-of-the-art, we feel that our staff will blow you away even more than the facility.  We have every level of gymnastics coaching ability all the way from the elite-level to an unbeatable recreation and preschool staff.  Our staff genuinely cares about each and every child that participates in our programs.

MSGA Recreational Gym

MSGA Training Center 

The Training Center

Our original gym space, we opened this gym in the Fall of 2012 with a vision of inspiring kids minds while building their minds with smiles and sweat.  Up through til the Fall of 2018, all of our class programs were held in this facility, but with the opening of the MSGA Rec Gym, this space became known as the MSGA Training Center.


Like the Rec Gym, this space was and continues to be designed to best suit the skills and abilities of the kids in it.  And so, with all of our teams training here, to best ensure safety for our athletes who tumble with greater force and need the ability to fall safely while learning that bars release move, this facility boasts a large in-ground foam pit and trampoline, pit bar, rod floor, and tumble track.


With every women's and men's Olympic event, the training center has been constructed to best enable our athletes to train smartly and safely.  If you've been to one of our facilities before, you may not recognize it the next time, as we always have an eye for improving and maximizing the safety, cleanliness, fun, and efficiency of our gym spaces.​

Meet Our Staff
Chad Buczek
Owner & Head Coach
Chad has been involved with gymnastics for over 20 years. After being ranked one of the country's best JO junior gymnasts, he went on to compete for Penn State. Chad became Team Captain and holds a Big Ten and two NCAA National Championship titles. He was a Nissen-Emery Award Nominee – Heisman Award equivalent in gymnastics. He was an Academic All-American, earning a degree in Recreation Management.
Laura Buczek
Girl's JO PL
After her JO successes, Laura competed for the Women's Gymnastics Team at Southern Ct. State University. While there, she won three ECAC Championships. Her athletic career culminated with her role as captain of SCSU. Laura is also an Academic All-American and graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. degree in Exercise Science with certification in Physical Education. Laura has also coached numerous State and Regional champions.
Scott Dube
Gym Manager
Scott is the gym manager at MSGA. His familiarity with gymnastics came from watching his sister, Laura, compete from a young age through college. Here to help and an avid fan of the MSGA competitive teams, Scott enjoys serving the MSGA family and introducing others to it! When not at the gym, Scott actively participates in his church, enjoys the outdoors, gardens and loves spending time with his wife, Marisa, and son, WIlliam.
Holly Crotty
Girls JO Coach
Sean Reardon
Coach & Rec. Instructor
Sean Reardon is a coach at Metro South Gymnastics Academy. He coaches both men’s and women’s gymnastics ranging from beginners to competitive levels. He received his Bachelors degree in Sports Biology from Springfield College and holds a Masters of Education from Endicott College. He is also a high school science teacher and continues to try to find new ways to engage students and student athletes as they strive to reach their goals.
Nicolette Harris
Parties PL & Front Desk PL
Nicolette practiced gymnastics, dance and various athletics throughout her youth. Graduating from Brockton High in 2013, she is currently working towards a degree in education and child psychology. While working as an office assistant and rec. instructor, Nicolette loves getting involved with all the students and hopes to always put a smile on everyone’s face.
Kaitlyn Vasile
Preschool PL & Class Instructor
Ellie Haigh
Parkour & Tumbling PL
Jacob Haigh has been seriously training parkour and freerunning for about three years. He loves training to become a better athlete so he can pass on my skills to all of my students. Jacob also competed on his high school gymnastics team for two years.
Kelsey Murphy
Preschool Class Instructor
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Kaitlyn Vasile

Preschool PL & Class Instructor