Parkour & Freerunning


MSGA is excited to offer parkour and freerunning classes. Parkour, for those who do not know, is a sport or discipline where one learns techniques to use movement to efficiently overcome obstacles in their path and environment. This class is a fun and safe place for any beginner to learn the basics of Parkour and eventually moving into more advanced movements. It will teach them the correct way to learn new techniques and allow them to develop safely into a Parkour athlete. All Parkour classes are designed to move at the pace of each individual athlete. Our coaches are veteran Parkour athletes certified to teach Parkour by World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF) and USA Parkour.


Parkour Classes

60 minute class for level 1 & 2 |  90 minutes for level 3


This class is for those who are looking to learn all of the basics of Parkour, no prior experience necessary. They will be taught proper safety techniques as they learn how to become a successful Parkour athlete. Athletes will learn floor techniques, vaults, bar work, trampoline, wall tricks/techniques and more! As the athletes develop (in skill, strength, and flexibility), they will be recommended for parkour 2, in which they'll begin working on more advanced techniques .

Check out this video of some of our Parkour Instructors!

Parkour Open Gym

60 minutes


Come hone your parkour skills during our parkour open gym

  • September thru June Wednesdays 9-10p

  • July 16th thru August 20th Tuesdays  8:30-9:30p in the MSGA Training Center

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