Virtual Class Training

 at Home

Metro South Gymnastics

Home Learning

Virtual Classes with Coaches feedback

Classes have begun,

but you can begin at any time!

Virtual Class Schedule

Girls & Boys Gymnastics

Monday, Wednesday

Gym Stars & Gym Monkeys 10 am EST

Rock Stars & Gym Twisters 10:30 am EST

Super Stars, Pre-Xcel and Mighty Twisters 11 am EST

Preschool Gymnastics

Tuesday & Thursday

You and Me 10 am EST   Tiny Tots 10:30 am EST

Tumble Tikes 11 am EST

Parkour & Freerunning

Tuesday & Thursday

Parkour 1  2:00 pm EST  Parkour 2  2:30 pm EST

Parkour 3  3:00 pm EST

Keep your kiddos active, learning and experiencing something familiar, while re-establishing some sort of schedule, with MSGA virtual classes!

All classes are done LIVE on our YouTube Channel. If your student cannot attend the class live, no worries!

Videos will remain posted on our YouTube Channel for you to go back to or even if your kiddo wants more, to watch again!

Although classes are available to the community, you must be enrolled to be skill tracked and reviewed by our certified coaches.

How It Works:

Step 1:

Subscribe to & watch MSGA's Live Class on our YouTube channel

Step 2:

Only the Skills of the Week will be evaluated, as prescribed by your instructor. Don’t forget to leave comments for the coach to review and respond to.

Email your child's skill, a question or comment to

Step 3:

One of our coaches will view entries after class and provide feedback.

Step 4:

1.) Search for the iCP app in your app store and download The Iclass Pro App. 

2.)The organization's name is metrosouthgymnastics. 

3.) Then login using your email on file and password you created. 

If you need assistance with logging into your account, email

View the coach's skill track rating and all feedback

from within the MSGA App!