Reopening the MSGA Facilities

Well before COVID-19, MSGA has held the safety and cleanliness of our facilities and programs as paramount.  When a kiddo walks out into the gym, to us, we've been entrusted with the development and care of a parent's most important person, their child! This is an honor and privilege we take seriously. So from the way we interact with the students and teach our programs down to the structure of our classes and cleaning, we do our very best to keep everyone, safe, enjoying a clean facility and having FUN while learning their sport.

During this time, we're adhering to standards of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting of our facilities that are higher than required by the state. This is also true with respect to our wellness questionnaire each person has to answer before entering the facility, and the reason why is simple:

We've always been and continue to be about offering programs that are

Clean, Safe & Fun!

If you'd like to learn about our procedures and guidelines during COVID-19, please download and read through our Health Handbook. 

Health Handbook (2).png

  In our Health Handbook, you will see our plans and procedures for reopening the facility, as well as information about the virus, how it spreads, how to limit the spread and specific safety measures we're taking to do so.


 We will be encouraging healthy hygienic habits such as hand-washing (or use of hand sanitizer) frequently within the class, physical distancing, and using masks when in the facility.  Students do not have to wear masks when engaged in physical activity and physically distanced.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

We're here to assist you and help get you the answers you need!