Class Showcase Information

When is the Class Show?
  New this year, your student's class showcase will take place on what would be their last day of class.  So, to give you an example of how to read the schedule below, if you have a preschool student that comes on Wednesday mornings, then their showcase is on Wednesday, June 19th at 4:15 pm.

  If you have any questions about when your student's show is, please feel free to email or stop by the front desk next time you're in.


  We're excited to be able to spread the class showcase celebration out over the course of the week, as it will help make each showcase that much more unique, grant each participant more time to showcase what they've learned, and also increase spectator viewability!

How long does the show last?
  Unlike other recitals, your student's show will only be about 45-60 minutes long. 

What will my student do in the show?
  They will showcase the skills they've been learning and working on in their class this year.  Some will do routines on the various gymnastic events, others will participate in obstacle courses and swing from the rafters (Okay, maybe not the rafters)! It all depends on what type of class your student is in and their ability, but regardless the show is for all students, of all abilities.  It is about having fun and showing their family and friends what they've learned while giving us all the opportunity to celebrate each child and his/her accomplishments.

Does my student have to participate?
  It is totally optional, but highly encouraged! The showcase is meant to be fun, non-competitive, and accessible for all participants.

We just enrolled, can my student participate?  
  Absolutely! We'd love for them to be a part of this end of the class year celebration!

Who can attend?
  Anyone and everyone! Invite Grandma, Grandpa, Uncles, and Aunts.  The more the merrier!

What is the cost?
There's no cost for participating or watching.  It is FREE-ninety-nine!

What should my child wear?
  In a subsequent email, we will be sending out information about this year's class showcase leotard and shirts.  While these are optional, purchasing one is an easy way to commemorate that day and celebrate your student's accomplishments.
  When made available, all showcase apparel can be ordered at the front desk, through the MSGA online pro shop or over the phone (781-562-0560).  Stay tuned!

Class Showcase apparel
Class Showcase apparel

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